Who's Who

Noah "Chez Drakmar" Abrahams

Noah has no actual skeletal structure, but is loosely held together with a framework of cheese. Please refrain from tasting him or his delicious eye juices.

Greg "M.C. Cthulhu" Agostini

PST Productions is made up of a group of committed, or should be committed people that share a common goal. Over ten years ago we set out to do one thing. Give the average player an experience they will never forget. From the good, the bad, and the ugly, PST Productions has made it through it all with the help of it's tireless and insane staff.

Matt Start, aka the King of the Dead, is a soul that has lost more sanity loss then most of us over the years dealing with the strangeness of our wild and crazy ideas. Mark Shireman, our resident guru of the artistic eye has created some of the best known visual props in our events and is our resident Graphic Artist. Member at large, and creator of the Cthulhu Live system, Robert "Mac" McLaughlin is a driving factor behind all of us in pushing us to do bigger, better events throughout the years. Last but not least there is Greg Agostini, propmaster, SFX, and all around screwball that has caused many a soul to lose more then just sanity.

We look forward to bringing our flavor of LARP to as many of the masses as possible. We do this as a public service because you can never have too many brownie points when the Endtimes finally come and the Big C. decides who's on the menu. We will continue to bring our unique spin on the world of the Mythos and provide the Cthulhu Live Community with as many sleepless nights as possible. Remember at PST Productions: All you Have To Lose Is Your Sanity!

Lynn "DemonGirl" Anslow

Lynn "Demongirl" Anslow
This is Lynn's third northern Intercon, and the first time she's ventured behind the scenes. She nobly volunteered to help with the Con Suite (she swears it was the demons who made her do it). If you see her standing in one place, turning in circles, and talking to herself, don't be alarmed. She's just getting conflicting directions from the demons, but she probably won't hurt anybody. She hasn't done that in weeks.

Sandy Antunes

Sandy has run many games on both sides of... US 1. Deeming many games 'experimental' in order to avoid culpability, Sandy prefers working either solo or as part of a team. Refering to Sandyself in third person gets tiresome, so Sandy will stop now.

Beth Baniszewski

My introduction to LARPing was a couple months of Changeling in College Park, Maryland in the summer of 2001. Since then I've been to four intercons and a whole slew of Assassins' Guild games.

The first game I GMed was a 6 hour game my freshman year at MIT. It was called Anacronic Nonsense, was about gladiators in space, and contained far too many bad ideas and Beatles songs. The bad ideas were only 1/3 my fault. The rest I blame on Aaron and our differential equations class. And they left a lot of great stories anyway. Ahh, triple paternity and tentacle necrophilia...

I wrote two short games this summer, a Harry Potter game, and Two Hours in London. The first run of London got to be entertained by hawks flying overhead and screetching. Both games were fun learning experiences. Hopefully in June I'll have graduated, and all my learning experiences can be that fun.

Jake Beal

God, how many games have I run? Quite a number with the Assassin's Guild, but this'll be my first at Intercon. At least it's not a 10-day...

Chad "Laurion" Bergeron

Ops pilot
Chad has been playing in, helping to run, writing, or recruiting for LARPs for almost a decade. In that time he's learned an awful lot of things. How to fly a biplane is not one of them. Nor is how to tie a cherry stem with his tongue. One of the things he has learned is that it's a lot more work than he thought. That's okay.

This year Chad can be found running Ops, Writing and GMing multiple games, playing in one or two, and trying his best to be gregarious with everyone around him. Help him out if you can; it's his only chance for survival.

This Bio is also a choose your own adventure Bio.

If you'd like to see Chad take the left path, turn to the 37th word on page 2.

If you'd like to see Chad take the right path, turn to the 16th word on page 5.

Marc "Jokeboy" Blumberg

Marc is delighted to be back on the staff of an Intrigue game, working with the unflappable Dean Edgell. Marc has been writing and running LARPs for a long time now, and every so often enjoys when someone else is the lead GM.

Laura "Laura47" Boylan

I'm a GM? I get a bio? wheeeeee! I am Laura and in the past year I have run a ten day game and 4 two hour games. Before this year I never ran anything. I think I really need to find something between two hours and ten days to run.

Fact: Laura eats food.

I have been attending Intercons since Intercon B, but I do most of my LARPing with the MIT Assassins' Guild and am the Scribe of the Guild's High Council. You should come play with us, most of the rumors you've heard about us aren't true. ;-)


Alex Bradley

Concom Octopus
Alex Bradley can't bring himself to use the third person here.

I don't have a lot to say biographically, and I don't feel like knocking off yet another facetious life story, so let's see what facts might matter to you.

I've run a couple of Intercon games before, i.e. Saturday Morning Massacre at C and Multiplied Loyalties at D. This year I'm Deputy Bid Guy, Co-Ops Tamer, Occasional Outreach Pinch Hitter, and General Concom Avatar.

Also, I'm an elder god.

Anna "T'Pau" Bradley

Queen of All She Surveys
No matter when it happens, it's always a surprise,
To look to you for love and see old shadows in your eyes.
I never tried to hurt you, but that matters not a damn,
If you cannot see the who of me behind the thing i am.

The pattern of the injury is written in the scar,
All that we were raised to be is part of who we are.

--Part Of Who We Are, by Arlene Hils and Bob Esty

So, yeah, i write LARPs. No idea how that ever happened... So far i have been on the writing team for Saturday Morning Massacre and Multiplied Loyalties: A Vor Game. This year i am working on A Night of Elizabethan Intrigue but with a different set of writers. We shall see what happens when the Team of Bradley and Bradley splits to write two different games.

Janet Brennan

7:12pm was the appointed hour in the halls of Olin. A curly-haired brunette sat in the corner while a lot of empty talk flew around the room. "Kids," she thought to herself. "I step down as President and this club goes to pieces." She let out a soft sigh. Presiding over the WPI SFS was like herding cats... but in her day she ran the show like nobody's business.

Every now and again she got the itch to step back into the limelight. Her name spelled LARP in certain circles; any proposal would be an open and shut case. But she didn't want just any game. She wanted Babylon 5: Turning Tides. She'd secretly wanted it for years. Running that game would first take a crew of four men with scheming minds to match her own. She knew exactly the men for the job - but bringing them back on board wouldn't be easy. When everyone got on the wire to hash it out they'd made no bones about how nuts she was, and why not? The last time they worked together, Turning Tides ate up whole months of their lives, driving some to the very brink of madness before it was over. But she knew they'd come around again. Janet was a dame with a penchant for patience.

For two whole years she tossed bouquets, until at last her wiles won over their shrewd, crabapple resistance. Finally her ducks were in a row. But that wasn't the whole of it... the team still needed a perfect opportunity. Now she cooled her heels in Olin hall while one by one her cohorts made their entrances. Something in her sharp eyes warned the boys they were in for trouble as soon as they walked through the door.

"Good evening. Gentlemen, they accepted our bid. We're a go for Intercon..."

Shaughn Bryant

Shaughn was born Balthazar Mortimer Ezekial Krwddynzk. His mother claimed to have been impregnated by a trans-dimensional, hyperintelligent Tigerwolfmonkeybear. His travels through time and space have served to both unhinge his mind and hone his LARP writing abilities. Many a peaceful world has fallen to his fearsome battle cry, "THAT'S A GREAT IDEA FOR A LARP!!!!!"

Christopher Buck

No bio provided

Nat "Uzi" Budin

Nat first became interested in live action roleplaying when he was abducted by LARPers at the tender age of 18 and forced to play in several games at Brandeis University. Despite his initial shock, he grew to enjoy the experience and eventually began writing games of his own, thereby proving the reality of the Stockholm Syndrome.

Nat has since co-written and run Snaf University both at Brandeis and at Intercon D, and acted as AGM for several other games. The lesson: LARP kidnappings work, and NEIL should continue its covert program of stealing children and brainwashing them to turn them into LARPers, the mere mention of which will probably get me sent to reeducation ohmygod what are you doing stop it stop it noooooooo

NEIL is good. We must all trust NEIL. NEIL is our friend.

Kate "The Wrong Kate" Bunting

Kate's hosting the toast, at 1:00 AM, and will stick around for a little while thereafter. She invites folks who knew Brett to come by for the toast, and stay (or not) as long as they like.

Jeremiah Chaplin

No bio provided

David "Prince0DC" Clarkson

President of LARPA; NEIL Board Member; Intercon Hotel Liaison; Intercon-E Con Chair
David began LARPing in the “good ole days” before the advanced index card technology of today. He started with the Society for Interactive Literature at their ReKon-1d game in New Jersey, and he blames them to this day for misguiding him in his youthful years.

He went on to serve as the stock villain in many other versions of the ReKon phenomena until it’s final conclusion in the misty years of the early ‘90’s. After that David continued participating in LARPing among his close group of friends in the Insmouth-haunted North Shore area until the demons at Intercon-A reclaimed the mortgage on his soul. When he is not LARPing David enjoys most forms of tabletop RPGs including products like Vampire, Mage, most products by Steve Jackson Games, AD&D (versions 1-3), Seventh Sea along with many others.

As a participant in many LARPing groups and LARPing styles, David seeks to “spread the word” and bring the differing organizations together under the hobby that they all enjoy. As a self-styled Minister of LARP, you’ll hear him say, “Boffer or Theater-Style, Minds Eye Theater or Home-Brew, Fantasy or Sci-Fi; we are all playing the same sort of game, so lets learn from each other’s strengths.” You can find David through this site or participating in one of the many great LARPs in the region, get in touch with him and give him your thoughts!

Ken Clary

Ken has been playing larps for about 9 years and writing (13 so far) and running them for nearly 8 years, mostly in the MIT Assassins' Guild. He's run a few (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: B-Ark, Airplane2, Road to Impunity) at past Intercons.

If this were Pirate vs. Ninja Productions, he would not be a Pirate.

Carlos "City" Coral

A longtime favorite in the DC metropolitan area, Carlos makes his debut this year at Intercon events. This is due in no small part to the persistance of Colin Sandel, his longtime friend and rumored life partner.

In addition to being a table-top RPG ST for a little over twelve years, Carlos has been running Larps in the DC area since 2000 beginning with the sleeper hit Mage the Ascension game "Rain Delay."

Carlos is an old hat at handling a crowd and works with a style that favors improvisation and quick wits over strictly prepared scripts and storyboards, often creating entire major NPCs and story arcs in mid-scene. For some reason, this has yet to blow up in everyone's face.

Cheryl Ann "Cheryl" Costa

"Curse of the McKenzies" & "Press Conference"

Love to game, love to tell a story. Love to make background documents. I'm the type of person who views gaming as an performance art form. I like to push the envelop in terms of roleplaying and character development vs Combat skills.

John "10001001" D'Agosta

John was too busy re-writing the past 140 years for "Counterculture" to come up with a snazzy bio.

Simon "Slippy" Deveau

Intercon C - Malcor
Intercon D - Barad-wath

Jeff "The Vortex of Chaos" Diewald

Bid Committee Chair, Con Scheduler
Yes, I'm at it again...

I was the con-chair for Intercon the Thirteenth, the first of the modern Boston Intercons. I've been a member of the staff of every Boston Intercon since then. I've been the Bid Committee Chair for Intercon C, D, and now E. I've been... busy.

And then there's Dustpan: the LARP... Teem kept using Dustpan: the LARP as the example LARP, whenever he wanted to make a point about LARP theory in our TNT Productions meetings. It was Dustpan this and Dustpan that... That's when the cosmic ray struck - or was it a minor stroke? In any case, all of a sudden, I knew what Dustpan: the LARP was all about. It wasn't hard to convince the rest of TNT Productions, and, well, here we are. Dustpan: the LARP has some of the strangest characters I've ever written. Talk about dementia!

Dean Edgell

Dean is a dedicated live action role-player who is presently involved in a full-time decades long game in which he plays the part of a middle-aged, middle-class and tedious lawyer/larper. So dedicated is he to not breaking character, many people do not even perceive his true charismatic and dashing personality. While trying to figure out his plot, Dean has, still in character, written and run a number of LARPs, including The Prince’s Diamond Jubilee and Intrigue in the Clouds, which have been offered at Intercons past. Dean is grateful for the friends who have helped him to run these games, and for the players who have been kind when they speak about them.

Joseph "Joe" Foley

I like writing and playing in games that have a good dose of roleplaying, chaos and mayhem. I expecially like games with guns. Lots of guns. Ohhhh yeah.

Anandi "Anandi" Gandolfi

I have always believed that you cannot trust people who don’t have a healthy fantasy life. Thay are the ones you have to watch out for.

Susan "nikin" Giusto

Intercon Muse - aka: nikin-small, furry, different and not from this planet

I am the Intercon Muse... sometimes I do get amused about what influences I need to do in order to cause inspirational progress but, hey it's all in a days LARP... That almost sounds like a title. Been keeping busy with the TNT gang and we even have a new bit of silliness for folks to play should they wish to get down into the Dustpan of life... bwah ha ha!

I love costuming for whatever interesting roles the GM's give me... so much so that I spent a bit over two hours getting into the werewolf from space makeup for an Intercon D larp... you know who you are! *grin*.

If you are cute, have a job for me or will just pay me because I am good at the things I do, drop me a line. I still need a new job since mine got deleted from the greater technology job pool. -nikin

Caleb Hanson

No bio provided

Greer "Dragon" Hauptman

At this con, the role of Greer will be played by Christian Bale. You may have seen Christian Bale in such roles as an American psycho in American Psycho, and a singing, dancing newsboy in Newsies.

Christian Bale has really let himself go for this new part, and to prove his dedication has cut his legs off at the knees in order to achieve the height of 4'10" necessary to play Greer. And has had a sex change operation.

He has donated what is left of his legs to Legs of Love, charity for people who are too short to live.

John "skykam" Kammer

| | | | | | John Kammer, best selling author of absolutely nothing at all, returns to InterCon E  with The League of Extraordinary Breakfast Cereals mainly because his life was threatened at the end of InterCon D  if he refused to do so.

Kammer, a well known malcontent, stands at an impressive 6'4" and weighs in at over 200 pounds. He has been known to take people's lunch money and shove them into their lockers making them late for class. Granted he has not done this in some time.... days even.
UPDATE: He did it again this morning...

When asked why he writes LARPS he indicated it was in order to consume his copious free time which would otherwise be squandered working, raising kids, cleaning up his office or the basement, mowing the lawn, coaching basketball, writing his screenplay, or attending to the 1432 other hobbies he no longer has time for not to mention surfing the web for porn.

| | |

| LARPS by Kammer | InterCon | GenCon | Origins | KWEST | Other | | A Good Day to Die | C, MA | 2003 | 2004 | - | - | | The League of Extraordinary Breakfast Cereals | D, E | 2004 | - | - | - | | Michael Clambino's Fundraiser | - | 2004 | 2003,04 | 2003 | yes | | ARC Game 3: Terminus | - | - | - | - | yes | | coming soon,.. well eventually | | | | | | | Micahel Clambino's Poker Night | E | ? | ? | | | | A Better Day to Die | 2005? | 2005? | | | | | The Best Day to Die | | | | | | | The Penultimate Day to Die | | | | | |

| | | | | | |

David Kapell

| &nbsp | | Dave Kapell doesn't really have a lot to say about himself. I wrote and ran Multipled Loyalties at Intercon D, and in the wake of that, joined the Bid Committe for Intercon E. |

Darius Kazemi

Darius is a pretty tall guy who wears lots of orange.

Elizabeth "Beth" Kelly

Beth Kelly is a deeply disturbed 6' tall Caucasian computer geek who not-so-secretly believes she is a little brown Indian temple dancer named Lakshmi. These and several other strange delusions, such as a tendency to stay up late making weird anal retentive craft projects and a marked fondness for Alex Newman, have led this convention to classify Beth as a GM. Luckily her strange multiple personalities and bizarre attractions make her a great game writer and general cohort of Alex Newman, the other, less adorable game master for Her Majesty's Parlor Adventurers present The Matter of Britain as well as their past successes: Her Majesty's Parlor Adventurers present an Evening of Indian Intruige, Long Cold Night, and Battle Beyond Infinity.

Andrew Kirschbaum

Andy wrote his first LARP in 1989. It was pretty bad, but some folks still liked it. He has run a couple World of Darkness Campaigns, helped out with the second run of Dark Summonings, and done some Assistant GMing here and there. Andy has written and run about 10 games for various Intercon's and played in about 3 times that many.

When he's not LARPing or sleeping, Andy runs 3 Trolls Games & Puzzles, a game store in Chelmsford, MA.

Jon Koppel

Jon Koppel is a student at Mass Art, specializing in metal sculpture. He also has a very nice and cute girlfriend named Case. Sorry, ladies! Jon is unavailable!

Margaret Landreth

No bio provided

Tim "Teem" Lasko

Registrar, Ocelot
As the ConChair Unslain I must now labor for this convention until I find peace. At Intercon E, I'm only responsible for 2 out of every 7 problems but, hopefully, not the one you're thinking of. I am otherwise unremarkable due to a childhood accident involving a chameleon and a bottle of invisible ink. I don't like to talk about it. But I can get outpatient treatments now for it, so it's okay. I may or may not be responsible for one of the LARPs running here, too.

Sue "Queenortart" Lee

I didn't write All's Well. I was busy somewhere else, writing something else, at the same time.

Also I didn't write Camp David, for the same reason, but I seem to be running it. Is there a theme to this year - I think there might be!

Even so March wouldn't be March if I didn't strap a jumbo to my bottom and go across the pond to MA, and I have to carry the torch for Brian. Bring on the frocks and the dancing girls, that's what I say 8-)

Peter Litwack

No bio provided

William Lowenthal

No bio provided

Paul Manjourides

No bio provided

Michael McAfee

No bio provided

Christopher "Chris" Mello

Chris has been a gamer since he was a wee lad (ie 7 years old) and has been a tabletop GM for various and sundry gaming systems for some 23 years in addition to being a player in both the tabletop and live-action formats. Turning Tides was Chris' first foray into LARP GM'dom and this will be the second time he has GM'ed this game. It will also be his first con experience. Yes, he has led a sheltered life. He also doesn't know why he is writing in the third-person about himself...Bob Dole obviously opened the flood gates for many Americans back in 1996.

Scott "The Man who says no!" Mohnkern

"The Man who says NO" has been larping since 1979, and has been writing and gming since the turn of the century.

His past accomplishments include:

Shelly "Evil Twin" Mohnkern

Name: Shelly Mohnkern
Known aliases: Evil Twin, Raven
Habitat: Maryland LARP community

Shelly came into the LARP scene by beating on people with padded plumbing supplies in a LC group called Dagorhir. After about 16 years of doing that, she decided to venture outside her natural habitat, and try on Theatre-style LARP. Now she still can be found pulping Dagorhir participants, but she can also be found playing campaign LARPs such as Brassy's Men, 1948: Signals, and Xanodria.

Shelly has also been involved in the writing and/or production of such fine LARPS as 1936: Horror (Writer and GM), The End of Sacred Months (Writer and GM), Heimdalls Children (GM), The League of Extraordinary Breakfast Cereals (GM), and ARC (Writer and GM). Shelly has a long term interest in and respect for Vodou in all it's permutations, so with her husband and the blessings of the Lwa she brings you her latest offering...

Aaron "Aaron" Newman

At an early age Aaron was abandoned by his parents and raised by a pack of LARPers. His reintroduction into society is going quite smoothly.

Alex Newman

The legendary Alex Newman was raised on a parallel Earth where his plane crashed in the Himalayas — er, the parallel Himalayas. Not ours. There he was taught the secret of clouding mens' minds by monks. Parallel monks. Stop laughing. He fought crime for many years until a group of his arch enemies (can you have a "group" of arch enemies?) banded together in a sinister plot to bounce him into a parallel universe. That is, parallel to that one. Which they thought of as the real universe but which you think of as a parallel universe. Unless you're also from there, in which case you think of this one as the parallel.

Oh, screw it.

Alex Newman has written and run several successful games, almost all of them with his writing partner, Beth Kelly.

Drew Novick

No bio provided

Dirk "Dirk" Parham

Dirk is a veteran live gamer and a veteran member of the Air Force, living in Maryland
He has been in LARP for 12 years and has run various games for DS, 1936, XPI
as well as individual games and is currently leading the Altered Realities
Campaign. He has a penchant for Horror and violence, some say. He will
be helping Moira and Suzanne with Little Petshop of Horrors for his third
time. Dirk will happily scare you, kill you or advise on rules systems - it's
all the same to him.

Moira "Moira" Parham

We've secretly replaced Moira's brain with a poached salmon. Let's watch! Oddly there seems to be little difference in her behavior, other than her compulsion to wear sliced cucumbers.

Moira works for Balducci's, so has food on the brain a lot. :) When not thinking about food and ways to turn it into props, (just wait and see what plans I have for a can of aspic!) she writes games (and bios in the third person, but apparently only when I'm not going off into a parenthetical tangent). She has been known to share a brain cell with Zandor and On Crack Woman, but wants to set the record straight that Jeannie did not write Petshop, and Moira did not write Alcatraz. Zandor however has much to answer for.

Andrew "&" Petrarca

Andrew doesn't know he's a GM for this game. Don't tell him - we want it to be a surprise!

Greg Pettigrew

Born in the depths of Darkest Swaziland, Greg, or Zknerthabillybob in his native tongue, learned to command vast legions of Mambas, the so-called Two-Step Snake, that can strike without provocation. Sadly, he could only command them to bite him, so he traveled to New England to help run LARPs.

Chris "Slarti" Pinard

Chris "Slarti" Pinard, sometimes also known as Slaarti the Hutt, is a two-fisted champion of apathy. His mother wishes that he could remember day-to-day things as well as he can remember minutiae of fictional universes like that of "Babylon 5," but this wish has long gone unfulfilled. In addition to his mental storehouse of facts, Slarti also contributes to the "Babylon 5: Turning Tides" team with an interest in documentation systems and the technical resources to house the game's content in an organized fashion. He's just zis guy, ya know?

Linda "Madam Wu" Poore

Aka Madam Wu, is a toxicology librarian, out to use her knowledge of poisoness ways for the betterment of LARP.

Erin "Erin with an E" Price

I seem to be writing a game. "Surprise!" (Eeek. I'm a GM?)

Suggestions from other people as to what this should say include:

"Erin is small."

"Little. Yellow. Different. Better."

"A squee of Erins."

"Plastic Castle."

"Delightfully mischievous in a rather refreshing way."

"With what charming eagerness did she perform her wiles: smiles, pouts, roguish tilts of the head, pretty little outrages, sham startlements, mock provocations, grimaces of delight, dismay, bewilderment, consternation." (apparently Jack Vance. I don't recall meeting him.)

Take your pick.

josh "blee" rachlin

CLUE #48:

The key lime pie was served by a waiter in a green bow tie with a tatoo of a giraffe behind his left ear.

Keep looking for clues to figure out who stole blee's bio. The first person to submit the correct answer to blee gets to be con-chair next year*!

*The first person to submit the correct answer to blee gets to be con-chair of Boring-con 2006, on Bouvetoya Island, Antarctica. At con-chair's discretion, con can also be held in any of the three Dry Valleys on the Antarctican continent. Con-chair is responsible for his/her own transportation and cold-weather gear.

Catherine ""The Other"" Raymond

The Other Cathy Raymond is not, in fact, a Ninja, nor is she hopped up on Goofballs as the rumors persist. She is, however, a LARP GM of some note, having written such fabulous games as Operation: Red Door and The S.H.A.D.E.. She also subjected herself to the dubious torture that somehow got the reknown as "The New Jersey Gamelift" at Intercon NE - and had most of her games run, thank you very much.

In the off season, you can find The Other Cathy Raymond being a floor GM for Brassy's Men or actively trying to find time to sleep in Arlington, VA.

Mik Reed

Picture the scene, sat at a computer in Kent an annoyed 35 year old man tries for the fifth time to finish a bio. He has deleted numerous drafts for being crap. He has lost one small novella by navigating off the page to find out the World famous Brian Williams second name was Williams. His attempt before this one was eaten thanks to some bizarre alignment of electrons causing the computer to reboot for absolutely no reason. He is annoyed, he is hungry (it's early in the morning, he hasn't had breakfast yet) he is hoping something comes out of this attempt before he has to take the unfortunately placed hammer sat on his desk and smash up the computer equipment in a frenzy of metal wood and plastic.

But, I hear you ask, what of this 35 year old? Has he any history in freeforming? Is there any point in me knowing anything about him?

Well, as one of the waning UK contingent Mik was too slow off the mark applying for the one game that convinced him to sign up for Intercon E so as one of lifes natural victims he has agreed to assist in GM-ing both UK offerings.

He has had a varied gaming life, spending almost 20 years with no knowledge of Freeforming at all, while indulging in LARP, SF-LARP and, his first love, tabletop RPG. His natural propensity for being volunteered has seen him involved in all manner of activities, running games, co-organising conventions & national events, and chauffering people around in his car. He is currently running a tabletop RPG in the vain hope that someone else will take the hint and run something he can play in, he will undoubtably bore you to death about this at some point or another.

Naturally a shy and retiring person Mik (pronounced anyway you fancy up to and including 'Oy you' and an affectation taken on to provide some mystery and romance, or possibly because it fitted well on the high score screens of 80's arcade games) has found that putting an Ocean between himself and any people he is likely to meet on more than an annual basis has made his ability to over act in character slightly more prevalent.

Mik can be easily recognised by being the fat bearded balding one... with an English accent.

Thank jehovah for that, it's finished...
{click} {argh!} {crunch smash crash}

Trey Reilly

Trey Reilly found a D&D boxed set sitting in her mother’s closet when she was 12. It was all downhill from there. When she got to college, she entered her first long-term campaign, ran her first Call of Cthulhu game, and got introduced to LARPs and gaming conventions. She started attending every convention she could find--sometimes two or three cons a month.

Then, while at a convention in New Jersey, she committed the ultimate sin: volunteerism. She accepted a staff position in 1994, and thus was lost to the normal world forever. In 2000, she co-founded Wild Gazebo Productions, and has been running conventions, LARPs and game days under that name ever since. She was the co-chair of I18: Intercon Gazebo, and looks forward to running an Intercon again.

Trey can usually be found playing or running Divus Ex, Call of Cthulhu, Mage, Changeling, Settlers of Catan, or Claydonia. She’s been known to GM on no notice at all if you bring her coffee (*good coffee*. With sugar and cream.)

Ray "Ray" Roberts

Combat LARP GM of 15 years experience. Loves battle, booze, women in garb. Loves the Babylon 5 Universe and created the concept of the Turning Tides LARP. Planning to write another Babylon 5 LARP.

Mike "GM for Hire" Romatelli

Mike claimed that TBA was so easy to run, that it should be bid twice for Intercon-E. Hearing this, Don bid a second run. For the SAME time slot. There's a lesson to be learned from this, but Mike will likely work with Don again anyway.

Don "Uncle Don" Ross

Don hasn't written his own bio in his entire life and he isn't about to start now.

Tom Russell

Tom Russell has written LARPs that made people cry.

He's gotten a bit better since then.

Colin "Dog" Sandel

Colin Sandel is an experienced ST of tabletop, online and LARP gaming but is completely new to the Intercon experience.

Sandel is best known for his 1989 invention of the Flying Car, but should also be credited with a little-known World Takeover attempt in 1995 (which was a highly successful campaign marred only by the advent of several meddling kids).

Following his death in 2000, Sandel turned from supervillainry to Roleplaying. Since then he has gained experience Storytelling in several systems, including the Whitewolf games (both LARP and Tabletop), Big Eyes Small Mouth, and several homebrew systems. He has continued to win support from his players ever since, and is looking forward to joining the Intercon gaming world.

Ian Schleifer

When Ian's middle school teachers would accuse him of being a "space cadet", he would respond, wide eyed, "I am?!" He believes it to this very day.

Kreg Segall

I've been on the larping scene since 1994, and have written and produced "House Meeting"; "Shut up and Play Your Guitar"; "Hell to Pay"; "The School for Young Women Specializing in the Arts of Grace and Maidenly Submission"; "Orgia ad Domus Lomaximus"; and "Some Time Later that Day."

Nuance "Nu" Shaffer

My name is Nuance. No, no, really, it is. I promise. Anyway...

Nuance is the proud owner of a harem filled exclusively with gay men (it doesn't do her much good, but hot damn is it fabulous). In addition to adding to her collection, she is an avid reader, writer, gamer, and con-goer. There is also a video of her destroying sections of Asia with laser beams from her eyes.

Nomi "Ovi" Siegelman

Ovi's LARP-writing Debut

Once upon a time there was a little artsy girl. She meandered about the land, writing poems and drawing pictures, looking at nature and petting cats, reading books and avoiding people.

One day a poofy haired boy with a chicken wrap came along and offered the girl some geekdom.

No! said the girl, I'm busy reading Lawrence Ferlinghetti! Go away. She gave the boy her very best Death Glare.

But the boy only laughed and began to jump about. He waved his arms and suddenly the air was full of things that the girl had never seen before. The boy caught them, one by one, and began to juggle!

The little girl was unable to keep up her Death Glare. She watched, transfixed, as the things circled in the air: dice and card games, LARPs and RPGs, cons and witty buttons, graphic novels and science fiction. And when the boy saw her mouth begin to curl into a smile, he stopped juggling, and caught the things, and laid them out at the little girl's feet.

Good Morning, he said. And he bowed.

Andrew "AJ" Smith

This is AJ's 7th Boston-based Intercon. [Disclaimer: no mirrors were harmed during the writing of this bio]. His usual partner-in-crime, Brian Williams, is engaged in "Marriage: the Wedding", so isn't presenting a game this year. Hence AJ is running the pseudo-Elizabethan "All's Well That Ends", set in Shakespeare's London.

Elizabeth Smith

So I'm sort of a fake GM for Krazny Oktyabr. I may or may not be GM'ing for the game. It'll be a big happy fun surprise! KO isn't my brain child, but I did play one of the more "special" characters in the first run. Hope you have a fun time playing, and I might see you there!

Matt Start

No bio provided

Anita Szostak

No bio provided

Barry Tannenbaum

All your LARP are belong to us.

Will Wagner

So, last Intercon you found out that Will really wasn't born to slaves of the evil king... that he started LARPing by playing in Tabula Rasa II and that he's been writing and running games since Intercon A.

What else is there to say?

Mark "Justin du Coeur" Waks

Mark "Justin" Waks is a small gnome who emerges from under a shell once a year, GMs a game or two, then goes back to hibernation, consuming only stray electrons from email for the rest of the year. He is generally harmless, but can be dangerously whimsical if roused to it. When in this state, he is most easily managed by feeding him stray ideas, which distract him long enough to get away.

Chris Walsh

No bio provided

Conor Walsh

No bio provided

Suzanne "Zandor" Wayner

Suzanne--sometimes called Zandor--is an agricultural economist, and like Moira also frequently has food on the brain. Suzanne's been writing live games since the early 1990s, which is definitely Jeannie's fault, and frequently runs games at Intercon. If you're reading the Little Petshop of Horrors page, Jeannie is Suzanne and Moira's co-GM for Alcatraz. Petshop and Alcatraz are both filled with weird and wacky characters locked up in cages, so hopefully the GMs will be able to remember which game they're supposed to be GMing on which day.

Susan "Dybbuk" Weiner

Following up on the fantasy horde LARP "City Council of Hound's Teeth" at Intercon D and "Welcome to Scearbridge" at Intercon C, Susan, this year, has gone crazy and decided to co-write and GM the alternate history game "Counterculture" and the genre confused "10 Bad LARPs in 100 Minutes." Meanwhile, the bunnies will continue to eat my brain.

Jeannie "On Crack Woman" Whited

Only Moira can explain why Jeannie is "On Crack Woman."

Michael "Eager Mike" Wixon

The mysterious gentleman "Eager" Mike has been in the background of a few games. He has been an assistant GM to "And the Symphony Played On" and "Three Nations". With a flair for the comedic and the dramatic, and particularly something right between the two he now embarks as an assistant GM for "Babylon 5: Turning Tides"

He's also been writing a resume recently, which is probably why this bio seems showy and concise.

Mike Young

I am Mike Young and I approve of this bio.